Horizon by Hyperactive Design

Playful typography


For all of you who don’t get LinkedIn updates, this arrived in my inbox this morning and I thought that I would share the love. I’m sure that all designers will have a connection with at least one of these posters, if not all of these posters. On this occasion I’d say that the words are more entertaining than the design but still worth a quick browse. Also worth having a look at the blog of the designer responsible, Anneke Short. Looks, on a quick browse, to be full of some lovely things.

The most simple way to show how a letterpress works. This portable device was devised by Ishac Bertran, a Copenhagen-based designer, from spare parts from a previous projects. Made from a couple of brass rods, 3 blocks of wood and the most ingenious bit, small parts from an old cassette player. Ishac himself admits, “I must say this is not the most precise letterpress ever.”

Even so, the finished results are exactly what you would expect from this technique and its simplicity shows clearly how it works.

The Ink Roller

The Letters

The Component Parts

Artistic Shot

Keira Rathbone jumps onto the recycling bandwagon with enthusiasm that knows no bounds with this intriguing use of an old typewriter. The uneven ink coverage helps to add character to what could be a stale drawing. I’d love to see the process in action. Does the planning take a while? In fact, is the piece done in one go? Maybe the sheet is passed through several times to build the ink layers up, adding depth and unpredictability to the finished pieces. Who knows, I can’t find a time lapse video or description anywhere.